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This is a collection of information to help you along with the start of your studies.

Before the academic year starts

Register yourself as an attending or non-attending student

  • Follow the steps outlined in the acceptance letter. You must register as attending by the end of August.
  • You must pay the student union membership fee (46€ in 2022) and the healtcare fee for students in higher education (35,80 € / semester). The healthcare fee due date is September 30th, after which you must pay a late-payment fee of 5€.
  • Note that in the fall you are only able to pay the fall's fee, as the next year's prices have not been set yet.

Find a residence

Figure out your finances

  • Check what benefits you're eglible for at Kela's website.
  • The best way to apply for benefits is to use the OmaKela e-service. Applications are processed in order of arrival. You can track your application's progress through the same e-service.
  • Student benefit is not granted retroactively. The earliest date you can receive benefit for is the application submission date. Remember to submit the application in time!

Activate your university account

Activate your user account before your studies begin

  • Without these you can not even register for courses

Join TKO-äly's activities

  • Make room for events at the beginning of the academic year. This is the best way to get to know other students, TKO-äly and university culture.
  • Download Telegram and join Keskustelukanavat (in Finnish, but discussion in English is welcome). You can find most fellow CS students here. It's also a great way to keep up to date & ask for help!
  • Join the fresher group in Telegram. You can find the invitation link in the e-mail TKO-äly sent you or you can ask any of the Tuutorit to add you. If you don't join any other channels, join this one!
  • Become a member of TKO-äly if you haven't yet.
  • Investigate Gurula
    • Make an account for the virtual register found in Gurula.
    • Buy overalls! They are the de facto attire for any student event, unless otherwise specified.
    • Check out the overall patches & buy ones you want on your overalls.
    • Questions? Ask anyone in Gurula or on Telegram!

Make a study schedule

See Kurssitarjonta & tutkintorakenteet and Kurssikuvauksia

See the university's Start your studies in the Summer guide. Especially the digital skills course is good to complete even before the orientation week.

Get a student card

Frank is a student card with access to all student discounts (e.g. VR). You don't need other student cards in Finland (although ISIC might be helpful for intl. travel)

  • The Frank app works as a student card. You don't necessarily need a physical card, but it is available to order.
  • The student card is required to get a student discount in e.g. UniCafe.
  • If you do order a physical student card, year tags for them are distributed at the start of the academic year at campuses. If you need a year tag during the rest of the calendar year, you can get them from the student union's services office.

Get a student discount for public transport

Activate student status in the HSL app for a discounted monthly ticket.

  • New students' discount starts at the beginning of the academic year on the 1st of August.
  • Note that the discount is applied only to the monthly ticket.
  • From the beginning of 2022 the discount can only be applied in the HSL app.
  • The built-in journey planner in the app and at will help you get to your destination.
    • Google Maps also has great public transport support.

Night access keys

Some of the IT facilities are available outside normal campus opening hours. Students registered for attendance can get a magnetic key that allows you to use Gurula and other rooms meant for 24 h use.

  • Instructions for applying for the key are at Helpdesk's webpage.
  • You must write down that you're a Computer Science student on the application form to get access to Gurula.
  • If your key doesn't work as it should, contact Helpdesk


  • You can get access to the University library
  • The library has a huge bunch of scientific books and journals, both in printed and electronic form
  • Check out more info and instructions at the library web page
  • Kumpula campus library is on the first floor of Physicum.

During orientation

Attend TKO-äly's events

By attending TKO-äly's events you get to know your fellow students and student organization.

Get to know your tutor group

Tutors are students that will help you at the beginning of your studies. You'll get a message from your own tutor(s) before the start of the academic year. Tutors hold meetings where you can get to know other freshers in your tutor group as well as the campus. Being a part of the tutor group is an easy way to make your first university friends. You'll also stay up to date. If nothing else, your tutor is a great #1 go-to for help regarding any questions you might have.

See Kursseille ilmoittautuminen

  • Study-related help and other tips can be found in the tkt-apu (lit. tkt-help) Telegram channel.

During the Fall

Attend events

Even when busy, try to attend fresher events and your study organization's events. It is the absolute best way to make contacts at the start of your studies.

  • Kokeet ja arvostelu - read before you take your first exam!
  • Don't worry if you can't attend everything, but do try your best!

Find other organizations and activites at the University that seem interesting!

  • Integralis is the student organization for the Bachelor of Science study programme. You can be sure that their events (including sitsit) are in English with a hint of other non-Finnish languages.
  • Check out the student union's organization list

Find information

  • The course site is a central location for course-related information, including important dates (exams etc.)
    • This varies depending on the department. Math courses have a reputation for not always updating the course sites.