TKO-äly membership

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This page is a translated version of the page TKO-älyn jäsenyys and the translation is 100% complete.

TKO-äly organizes events and offers services primarily for its members. While many services, such as this wiki, are open for all, some require an active membership. NOTE! Processing of the membership application may take several weeks. The applications are accepted by the board of the organization and the board meets every few weeks during the semester.

Membership Officer

TKO-äly's membership officer is responsible for maintaining the membership registry. The membership officer should be your first point of contact in matters relating to memberships. Their contact information can be found from TKO-äly's website.

Membership types

TKO-äly has four different types of memberships: proper, outside, supporting and honorary. The exact definitions and criteria of these membership types can be found in Finnish in the organization's official rules. In general, all students of computer science are eligible for the proper membership. People who belong to organizations affiliated with TKO-äly, such as the student union or the faculty, are eligible for the outside membership. Almost anyone can join as a supporting member. The organization can grant a honorary membership to notable persons affiliated with the organization. Overall the organization has granted 4 honorary memberships over its 35 year history.

There is little difference between the membership types in day to day matters. All members can participate in TKO-äly's events and use its services. However, outside and honorary members cannot vote in the organization's general assemblies.

Applying for membership

Applying for membership is done by submitting a membership application on the organization's website.

  1. Fill in the application form. Your membership account is created immediately and you can sign in to TKO-äly's services and edit your details.
  2. Pay the membership fee. If paying with cash, please make sure that the person accepting your payment marks the membership payment as completed. If paying by bank transfer, make sure that you use the reference number. The treasurer marks payments as completed based on the reference number before the next board meeting.
  3. Wait for the application to be processed. The membership officer makes a proposal about new memberships for the board and the board accepts this proposal in its next meeting. The board meets every couple of weeks during the semester. In urgent cases, you can be in contact to the membership officer and granting access to TKO-äly's online services can be expedited.