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<span style="margin-left:1rem;">''Suomeksi: [[Yliopisto–suomi -sanakirja]]''</span>
==Calling people names (in a nice way)==
==Calling people names (in a nice way)==
* käpistelijä = a Computer Science student (käpistely = Computer Science, informally)
* käpistelijä = a Computer Science student (käpistely = Computer Science, informally)

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Suomeksi: Yliopisto–suomi -sanakirja

Calling people names (in a nice way)

  • käpistelijä = a Computer Science student (käpistely = Computer Science, informally)
  • maagikko = a Maths student, aka our friend (sometimes also 'matruusi' < Matrix ry)
  • teekkari = an Engineering student
  • kylteri = an Economics student
  • fuksi = a fresher
  • jäärä / n:nnen vuoden opiskelija = a person old in study years (n:nnen vuoden opiskelija = studying for the n-th year)


  • HY = University of Helsinki
  • HYY = Student Union of the University of Helsinki
  • lipasto = university, informally
  • käpistely / TKT = Computer Science, informally
    • TKTO = the Computer Science department (before, TKTL)
    • Alko-linja, Alko = algorithms study track
    • Hajatili = distributed or networked systems study track
    • Ohjä-linja, Ohjä = software engineering study track
  • ilmo = sign up (to a course or an event), informally
  • sisu = SISU (Student Information System for Universities) for planning for your studies and signing up for courses
  • noppa = an ECTS study credit, informally
  • laskarit = exercises or exercise sessions on any course, informally. Formally, laskuharjoitus
  • kisälli = an apprentice aka a student who gets paid for helping other students out with their course work
  • paja = a classroom where the apprentices help out with the course work
  • assari = a TA, informally
  • labra = a lab, originally the labs in Physics and Chemistry
  • HOPS = PSP, a personal study plan
  • kandi = a Bachelor's Degree, mandatory before a Master's Degree. For us, "luonnontieteiden kandidaatti", BSc.
    • can also mean a person who has completed their Bachelor's
    • can also mean your Bachelor's thesis
  • semma = a seminar, in the Master's Programme
  • pruju / matsku = a random stack of paper or a pdf that you are expected to learn from, also known as a handout

Student organisation related words

  • Tekis = TKO-äly, our subject organisation
  • aktiivi = a person who actively takes part in the student organisation
  • halko = a board meeting, typically that of your own subject organisation
  • HYY = Student Union of the University of Helsinki
  • sitsit = an academic dinner party. Dress up fancy (usually) and eat fancy (sometimes). Sing a lot.
  • vujut = an academic annual ball. The highlight of the year for the student organisation. Fancier than a sitsit.
  • excu = an excursion, getting to know e.g. a company that hires a lot of computer scientists, or an excursion to a movie theatre, museum or Fazer
  • RV = the snack kiosk at Gurula
    • depositata = add money to your user for the snack kiosk
  • Readme/redari = TKO-äly's own magazine, published around four times a year


In Kumpula

  • Exactum = your new home. Exactum hosts mathematicians, data scientists, statistics students and seismologists in addition to computer scientists. Also has a Unicafe (a university restaurant)
  • Physicum = the building next to Exactum hosting physicists, geography students and geologists. You can access the library through Physicum and the Unicafe in Physicum serves sandwiches and panini
  • Chemicum = Chemicum hosts chemists (what a surprise). They have the biggest Unicafe in Kumpula with better opening hours
  • Kartano = the Kumpula manor on Jyrängöntie, in the botanical garden area
  • VAK = Väinö Auerin katu, especially the HOAS buildings near Kumpula campus
  • PKK = Pietari Kalmin katu, especially the HOAS building