TKO-äly offices

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Board // Hallitus

At most 11 members + chair, treasurer and secretary.

The board keeps TKO-äly’s affairs running smoothly, coordinates with the officers and plans future activities of the organization. The board has meetings on average a couple of times a month, and regular attendance is expected from a board member. If there’s something to be done that isn’t covered in any of the TKO-äly’s officers’ job descriptions, usually the task is assigned to someone from the board.

Chair of the board // Puheenjohtaja

The chair of the board convenes meetings and chairs the meetings. The chair is the most visible representative of TKO-äly to the outside world and is ultimately responsible for the organization. The position includes, among other things, preparing the application for HYY's operating grant, reading TKO-äly’s rules over and over, and communicating with other organizations and groups.

Varapuheenjohtaja // Vice-chair of the board

Handles the chais's duties when the chair can not, and assist the chair in their duties. Thevice-chair is not elected at the organization’s meeting, but the board makes the choice from among board members.

Sihteeri // Secretary

Rahastonhoitaja // Treasurer

Avustava rahastonhoitaja // Assisting treasurer

Jäsenvastaava // Member coordinator

Tuotevastaava // Product coordinator

Tiedottajat // Communications officers

Yhdenvertaisuusvastaava (ent. tasa-arvovastaava) // Equality adviser

Häirintäyhdyshenkilöt // Harassment contact persons

Yritysvastaavat // Corporate relations

Opintovastaavat // Studies representatives

Fuksi- ja tuutorivastaavat // Freshmen and tutor affairs

Vuosijuhlamestari // Annual ball sultan/sultana

Vuosijuhlatiimi // Annual ball team

Pöytäjuhlavastaava // Academic table party coordinator

Avustavat pöytäjuhlavastaavat // Table party team

Keittiömestari // Chef

Kulttuurivastaava // Culture chieftain

Kulttuuritiimi // Culture and leisure team

Casual-vastaava // Casual coordinator

Casual-tiimi // Casual team

Tärpistövastaava // Exam archivist

Bilevastaava // Party coordinator

Biletiimi // Party team

Risteilyvastaava // (Cruise) Captain

Gurula correspondent // Gurula-vastaavat

Take care of Gurula's cleanliness and comfort. Manage and maintain the equipment of Gurula, organize cleaning once a period and the emptying of the coat racks once a year. The position is well suited for someone who hangs out at Gurula habitually!


Liikuntavastaava // Physical activities minister

Liikuntatiimi // Physical activities team

LAN-vastaava // Minister of LAN parties

LAN-tiimi // LAN party team

Senior Application Evangelist

Junior Application Evanglist

Graafikko // Graphic designer

Päätoimittaja // Editor-in-chief

Toimittajat // Reporters

Taittaja // Layout artist

Ilontalovastaava (aka klusterivastaava) // Klusteri correspondent

Avustava Ilontalovastaava (moppaaja) // Klusteri team

Ympäristövastaava // Environmental adviser

HYY-vastaava // HYY correspondent

Ulkoasiainvastaava // Foreign minister

TEK-yhdyshenkilö // TEK correspondent

Alumniyhdyshenkilö // Alumni correspondent

Otaniemiyhdyshenkilö // Otaniemi correspondent

KV-vastaava // International student coordinator

Datatiede-vastaava // Data science coordinator

Pöhinävastaava // Hustle master

Pöhinätiimi // Hustle team

Toiminnantarkastajat // Auditors

Varatoiminnantarkastajat // Vice-auditors