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Suomeksi: TKO-älyn jäsenyys

TKO-äly organizes events and services primarily for its members. Some of the services, like this fresher wiki, and some of the events are available for all, but many require for you to be a member. NB! Confirming your membership might take a while because it is done in a board meeting, which are usually organized every two or three weeks.

Member coordinator

The member coordinator is responsible for the memberships. Don't hesitate to contact them with any questions related to the subject! You can find their contact information on our website: 'Yhdistys' -> 'Hallitus' -> 'Jäsenvastaava'.

Types of memberships

TKO-äly has three types of memberships: standard, associate, supporting and honorary. The exact definitions and criteria can be found in (only available in Finnish), but goes roughly as follows. All Computer Science students can be standard members. Associate members do not study Computer Science but are a part of an interest group (like members of HYY or the university staff). Pretty much anybody who wants to support TKO-äly can be a supporting member. Only a selected few are accepted as honorary members.

There are few practical differences between these types. All members have access to all TKO-äly events and services. However, associate and supporting members cannot vote (but can take part) in meetings.

Joining as a member

You can join as a member with the form on our website.

  1. Fill in the form. Your username is created right away, but not activated. You can modify your personal details on the TKO-äly website.
  2. Pay the membership fee. If you pay with cash, please make sure that the person taking the money marks the payment as having been completed. If you pay online, our treasurer can mark the payment as having been completed based on the reference number.
  3. Wait for your membership to be confirmed in a board meeting. The member coordinator lists the member candidates who have paid the membership fee and gives the list to the board in a board meeting. This might take a while – board meetings are organized roughly every couple of weeks. If you need access to any of the TKO-äly online services before your membership is confirmed, you can contact the member coordinator.