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The studies representatives for TKO-äly will help you out with any potential problems with our studies, such as inconvenient course arrangements, frustrating bureaucracy or problems finding suitable courses. Whatever your studies related question, you can turn to our studies representatives who will either have the answer at the ready or will know who to ask. They organize additional help for courses that are notoriously difficult and actively take part in improving the tuition in our department.

They handle all matters confidentially, so you can for example give anonymous feedback to a professor via them.

Please don't hesitate to contact them:

  • Via email: opintovastaavat at
  • Via IRCnet: we monitor #tkt-apu
  • Via Telegram:

Would you like to help other students with difficult courses? In recent years, we have not had any formal study circles, but they can be really helpful. If you are interested in helping out with this, please contact our studies representatives!

Studies representatives for 2022

Niclas Forsman

  • email: niclas.forsman at
  • Telegram: @nnecklace
I'm a third year student and a member of the board. As a studies representative, I want to represent and help all computer science students. I try to make sure that you are all doing well and that both the Bachelor's and the Master's Programme are up to par. I also try to make sure that the University hears its students and takes their opinions into account. I'm also on the Computer Science Master's Programme Steering Group as a deputy member. If you have any problems with say Sisu, Comsci or Math, you can always reach out to me!

Konsta Janhunen

  • email: konsta.janhunen at
  • Telegram: @erezac
I'm a third year student and a member of the board of TKO-äly for the second year in a row. I have studied on the other side of the campus before and I also used to be the studies representative for Matlu. What's most important for me as a studies representative is to make sure that university-level decisions are made based on the cooperation of professors, other university staff and students (with special emphasis on the students). Please contact me if you notice something that is not right, don't know how to deal with something studies related or just want to have a chat!

Student representatives in administration

Some of our students are also student representatives in administration. See more at (currently only available in Finnish).