Journey planning

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Public transport in Helsinki works well and it's recommended to make use of it. The journey planner for HSL (Helsinki Region Transport) can be found at The planner is also available on mobile with the HSL app, which also serves as an electronic ticket system. In addition to public transport, the planner offers itinerary suggestions for walking and cycling. With an HSL account, one can subscribe to announcements, such as changes or cancellations to services, for select lines, areas and stops.

Google Maps also offers decent suggestions for public transport, but the HSL planner is more likely to be up-to-date.

The computer science building can be searched for as "Exactum" in the HSL planner – Google even recognises the name "Gurula" and points to the correct location. Bus lines 56 and 506 go up the Kumpula hill and make a stop at A. I. Virtasen aukio. Other campus-bound buses and trams stop downhill at stations named Kumpulan kampus next to the Kumtähdenkenttä park.

Other relevant locations can be found in venues.